Our story

Denim and Gin, born of Oregon native, Daniellea Martin, is a retail space located in beautiful Portland Oregon. Founded in 2018, Denim and Gin was created to house some of the most innovative small batch brands in the world. 

The inspiration to open Denim and Gin, came from Daniella's love of fashion and design that began at a young age. Being influenced by her grandmother Josephine, a seamstress from Malta, Daniellea began crafting clothing of her own. 

Realizing that others shared her love of creative fashion, innovation, and a DIY work ethic, Denim and Gin was born. 


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Brand Ethos

At Denim and Gin, we focus on bringing quality brands to the forefront of our product offerings. We don’t focus exclusively on top tier brands, but we want to offer a wide array of products that resonate with our customers.

We build relationships with each brand we carry, so you can bet that behind each product we stock, there is one hell of a story.

Along with brands from around the globe, Denim and Gin proudly creates house brand apparel and accessory products. We work with local designers, screen printers, & makers to bring our story to life through the goods we sell.

Communal Approach

There may not be anything more important to us than building a community around our brand. When you come by the shop, you can bet you’ll be greeted with a warm “Welcome In!”, along with a complementary drink. As the name implies, we’ve always got a stock of amazing local gin to offer you (or a bubbly water for the more straight and narrow types).

If you’re in the area, come by, shop around, grab a drink and a seat on the couch. We would love to get to know you.

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